Welcome to Me and the Finance Lady. I’m sure you’re wondering who we are and what this new blog is all about. You’re probably thinking, “Blogs pop up everyday, so why should I read this one? Why should I listen to these people?” A little bit about us:

Natasha has been working for a number of years as a registered Financial Representative and Advisor and has her finger on the pulse of the market and our nations economic heartbeat. She has witnessed first-hand how fortunes can be made and squandered by uninformed investors that have salvaged their retirement by choosing the blue pill rather than the red pill.

As for myself, I work as an Interactive Marketing Analyst at a large news publication (a far cry from Warren Buffet or David Darst, I know). I have an MBA and a background in the M&A markets. While I may not be as entrenched in the market as my counterpart here, it is something I find interesting and of which I like to stay abreast.

We realize that we are by no means the be-all and end-all of financial advice, but the economy and the markets are an interest (and in Natasha’s case, a career) of ours. So we write on…

The reason for this blog is that we see how America is struggling and looking for answers. We are putting in our two cents to hopefully make some dollars and sense of what is going on for those out there with questions. For us as young professionals, we think it is especially important for our peers to start thinking about their futures and the proper ways to invest so that they can enjoy their children and grandchildren down the line without the daunting question of ‘what if we outlive our money?’ looming overhead.

We hope that this will become an interaction with you, the audience, and us. We don’t want to stand on our soapboxes and preach what is right and wrong with our nation’s economy, or with who and where you should invest your money. We want this to become a dialog. So we implore you to write-in with questions, and to share what has worked for you or what hasn’t. This is a two way street. We seek to learn from you just as much as we hope to impart some iota of knowledge along the way.

So now that we are friends, what do you say we get started? The following is just a brief glimpse into the minds of Me and the Finance Lady!

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